Indigenous Education Policies

South Australian Aboriginal Education Strategy

The South Australian Aboriginal Education Strategy for Government schools was released in December 2018 to increase outcomes for Aboriginal students by developing successful foundations in the early years, supporting excellence at school and pathways to success.

The strategy will focus on supporting our Aboriginal students to be proud and confident learners from birth through to beyond school.

It will also:

  • increase opportunities for children and young people across South Australia to engage with Aboriginal languages
  • create learning environments that include students’ cultural needs
  • develop individual learning plans for Aboriginal learners at all SA Department of Education schools.

An implementation plan for the first 3 years which sets out key actions and milestones is being developed. Educators, leaders and support services will implement the strategy at the local level, regularly monitoring and communicating progress with families and communities.

The SA Aboriginal Education Strategy was developed in 2018 including a series of consultation forums facilitated by SAAETCC.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy (the Strategy) was endorsed by education ministers on 18 September 2015. Under the Strategy, education ministers have agreed to a set of principles and priorities that will inform jurisdictional approaches to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

Recognising the different roles of governments, the Strategy includes actions that education ministers will take together to complement the efforts of individual jurisdictions. These actions build on existing national initiatives such as the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to accelerate the rate of improvement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student outcomes.

The initial set of actions focus on:

  • Attendance and Engagement
  • Transition Points (including pathways to post-school options)
  • Early Childhood Transitions
  • Workforce
  • Australian Curriculum